Together for Adoption & Fostering Canada 2019 Pre-conference #2

"Trauma-Informed Relationship-Based Parenting" 

with Brian & Colleen Derksen

​Friday, May 24th

​9:00am - 4:00pm


​In this workshop, you will learn about the risk factors that lead to the many challenges adopted and foster children face. With a foundation of compassionate understanding, we will explore the role of attachment in parenting, and learn about the ways in which fear and shame derail our children (and us) and put up barriers between us. We will look at strategies that help us stay connected with our children while addressing their behaviour. Based on Empowered to Connect’s parent training course and other resources, this workshop aims to renew your compassion for your child and give you the tools to build relationship in the midst of challenging behaviours.

Brian and Colleen Derksen

Brian & Colleen Derksen are from Calgary, Alberta, and are the proud parents of Kolbie, Logan  and Rylie. Soon after adopting, they realized that their default parenting strategies were not going to cut it, so they pursued Empowered to Connect training. They are grateful for the ways in which ETC has brought hope and healing to their family, and are passionate about sharing what they are learning with other families. They regularly run groups in ETC parenting support in Calgary at their church (First Alliance) and are now the Canadian trainers for Empowered to Connect.